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A client to interact with the Materialize Cloud API.


use mz_cloud_api::client::{Client};
use mz_cloud_api::config::{ClientBuilder, ClientConfig};
use mz_frontegg_client::client::{Client as FronteggClient};
use mz_frontegg_auth::AppPassword;

// Build the Frontegg Client
let frontegg_client: FronteggClient;

let config = ClientConfig { frontegg_client };

let client = ClientBuilder::default()

// List all the available providers
let cloud_providers = client.list_cloud_providers().await.unwrap();


It is divided into three modules: client, config, error


The error crate contains the definitions and structures for all possible errors.


The Materialize cloud API capabilities are provided by the client module.


The client’s builder, instantiation and configuration reside in the config module. Every client requires an optional endpoint, otherwise, you can use the default.


This crate is implemented following a similar pattern to [mz-frontegg-client], [rust-orb-billing] and [rust-frontegg].

[mz-frontegg-client]: [rust-orb-billing]: [rust-frontegg]:


  • Materialize cloud API client
  • This module defines the configuration and builder structs for the Materialize cloud Client.
  • This module defines custom error types and structs related to the Materialize cloud API.