Module mz_cloud_api::client

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§Materialize cloud API client

This module provides an API client with typed methods for interacting with the Materialize cloud API. This client includes, token management, and basic requests against the API.

The Client requires an mz_frontegg_client::client::Client as a parameter. The Frontegg client is used to request and manage the access token.


  • This module implements Materialize cloud API sync endpoint to list all the availables cloud providers and regions, represented by CloudProvider. As utilities, the module implements the enum CloudProviderRegion. It is useful to validate and compare external input (e.g. user input) with the results from the cloud API represented by CloudProvider.
  • This module implements Materialize cloud API methods to GET, CREATE or DELETE a region. To delete an region correctly make sure to contact support.


  • Represents the structure for the client.