Module mz_cloud_api::error

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This module defines custom error types and structs related to the Materialize cloud API.

ApiError is an error struct that represents an error returned by the Materialize cloud API. It contains information about the HTTP status code and a vector of error messages.

Error is a custom error type

It contains three variants:

  • Error::Transport: indicates a transport error from the reqwest crate during a network request.
  • Error::Api: indicates a Materialize cloud API error while processing the request.
  • Error::EmptyRegion: indicates an error when no region is available in a requested cloud region.
  • Error::CloudProviderRegionParseError: indicates an error trying to parse a cloud provider region. Always make sure the string is correctly formatted.


  • An error returned by the Materialize cloud API.


  • A custom error type containing all the possible errors in the crate for the Materialize cloud API.