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The ccsr crate provides an ergonomic API client for Confluent-compatible schema registries (CCSRs).

The only known CCSR implementation is the Confluent Schema Registry, but this crate is compatible with any implementation that adheres to the CCSR API specification.

§Example usage

use mz_ccsr::ClientConfig;

let url = "http://localhost:8080".parse()?;
let client = ClientConfig::new(url).build()?;
let subjects = client.list_subjects().await?;
for subject in subjects {
    let schema = client.get_schema_by_subject(&subject).await?;
    // Do something with `schema`.


  • TLS certificates and identities.


  • An API client for a Confluent-compatible schema registry.
  • Configuration for a Client.
  • Configuration of a proxy that a Client should pass requests to.
  • A schema stored by a schema registry.
  • A reference from one schema in a schema registry to another.
  • A subject stored by a schema registry.