Materialize documentation

This is the home of Materialize's internal API documentation.

Important crates

build-infoMetadata about a Materialize build.
ccsrConfluent-compatible schema registry API client.
coordCoordinates client requests with the dataflow layer.
coordtestPostgres wire protocol test framework.
dataflowMaterialized's Timely and Differential Dataflow server.
dataflow-typesTypes for the dataflow crate.
dataflowdIndependent dataflow server for Materialize.
exprThe core expression language for Materialize.
expr_test_utilUtilities for creating objects in the expr crate for testing
interchangeTranslations for various data serialization formats.
kafka-utilUtilities for working with Kafka.
lowertestUtilities for testing lower layers of the Materialize stack
materializedStreaming SQL materialized views.
metabaseAn API client for Metabase.
mz-avroLibrary for working with Apache Avro in Rust
mz-aws-utilInternal AWS utility library for Materialize.
mz-http-proxyHTTP proxy adapters that respect the system proxy configuration.
oreInternal utility libraries for Materialize.
persistAbstraction for Materialize dataplane persistence.
persist-typesTypes for the persist crate.
pgreprRepresentation of and serialization for PostgreSQL data types.
pgtestPostgres wire protocol test framework.
pgwireA server for the PostgreSQL wire protocol.
pid-filePID file management.
postgres-utilInternal postgres utility library for Materialize.
profCPU and memory profiling tools.
reprThe core data types for Materialize.
repr_test_utilUtilities for creating objects in the repr crate for testing
sqlSQL–dataflow translation.
sql-parserThe lexer and parser for Materialize's SQL dialect.
sqllogictestA driver for sqllogictest, a SQL correctness testing framework.
test-utilUtilities for testing Materialize
testdriveIntegration test driver for Materialize.
timely-utilUtilities for working with Timely.
transformTransformations of Materialize expressions.
walkaboutAST visitor generation.