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Core expression language.


  • Utility functions to transform parts of a single MirRelationExpr into canonical form.
  • EXPLAIN support for structures defined in this crate.
  • A set of virtual nodes that are used to recover some high-level concepts that are desugared to non-trival terms in some IRs.
  • Visitor support for recursive data types.






  • Compare left and right using order. If that doesn’t produce a strict ordering, call tiebreaker.
  • Given the permutations (see permutation_for_arrangement and (dataflow::plan::AvailableCollections) corresponding to two collections with the same key arity, computes the permutation for the result of joining them.
  • Recursively memoize parts of expr, storing those parts in memoized_parts.
  • Augment non-nullability of columns, by observing either
  • Return the map associating columns in the logical, unthinned representation of a collection to columns in the thinned representation of the arrangement corresponding to key.