Module timely::communication

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Re-export of the timely_communication crate.


  • Types and traits for the allocation of channels.
  • A type that can unpark specific threads.
  • Initialization logic for a generic instance of the Allocate channel allocation trait.
  • Configuration and events for communication logging.
  • Types wrapping typed data.
  • Networking code for sending and receiving fixed size Vec<u8> between machines.


  • A wrapped message which may be either typed or binary data.
  • Maintains JoinHandles for worker threads.


  • Enumerates known implementors of Allocate. Passes trait method calls on to members.
  • Possible configurations for the communication infrastructure.


  • A type capable of allocating channels.
  • A composite trait for types that may be used with channels.
  • Pulling elements of type T.
  • Pushing elements of type T.


  • Initializes communication and executes a distributed computation.
  • Initializes computation and runs a distributed computation.