Module timely::dataflow

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Abstractions for timely dataflow programming.

Timely dataflow programs are constructed by manipulating Stream objects, most often using pre-defined operators that implement known patterns.


use timely::dataflow::operators::{ToStream, Inspect};

timely::example(|scope| {
           .inspect(|x| println!("seen: {:?}", x));


  • pub use self::stream::StreamCore;
  • pub use self::stream::Stream;
  • pub use self::scopes::Scope;
  • pub use self::scopes::ScopeParent;
  • pub use self::operators::core::input::Handle as InputHandleCore;
  • pub use self::operators::input::Handle as InputHandle;
  • pub use self::operators::probe::Handle as ProbeHandle;


  • Structured communication between timely dataflow operators.
  • Extension traits for Stream implementing various operators.
  • Hierarchical organization of timely dataflow graphs.
  • A handle to a typed stream of timely data.