Struct mz_environmentd::Config

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pub struct Config {
Show 35 fields pub unsafe_mode: bool, pub all_features: bool, pub cors_allowed_origin: AllowOrigin, pub tls: Option<TlsCertConfig>, pub frontegg: Option<Authentication>, pub connection_context: ConnectionContext, pub controller: ControllerConfig, pub secrets_controller: Arc<dyn SecretsController>, pub cloud_resource_controller: Option<Arc<dyn CloudResourceController>>, pub enable_persist_txn_tables_cli: Option<bool>, pub catalog_config: CatalogConfig, pub timestamp_oracle_url: Option<String>, pub environment_id: EnvironmentId, pub availability_zones: Vec<String>, pub cluster_replica_sizes: ClusterReplicaSizeMap, pub default_storage_cluster_size: Option<String>, pub bootstrap_default_cluster_replica_size: String, pub bootstrap_builtin_cluster_replica_size: String, pub system_parameter_defaults: BTreeMap<String, String>, pub storage_usage_collection_interval: Duration, pub storage_usage_retention_period: Option<Duration>, pub segment_api_key: Option<String>, pub egress_ips: Vec<Ipv4Addr>, pub aws_account_id: Option<String>, pub aws_privatelink_availability_zones: Option<Vec<String>>, pub launchdarkly_sdk_key: Option<String>, pub config_sync_loop_interval: Option<Duration>, pub launchdarkly_key_map: BTreeMap<String, String>, pub bootstrap_role: Option<String>, pub deploy_generation: Option<u64>, pub http_host_name: Option<String>, pub internal_console_redirect_url: Option<String>, pub metrics_registry: MetricsRegistry, pub tracing_handle: TracingHandle, pub now: NowFn,
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Configuration for an environmentd server.


§unsafe_mode: bool

Whether to permit usage of unsafe features. This is never meant to run in production.

§all_features: bool

Whether the environmentd is running on a local dev machine. This is never meant to run in production or CI.

§cors_allowed_origin: AllowOrigin

Origins for which cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) for HTTP requests is permitted.

§tls: Option<TlsCertConfig>

TLS encryption and authentication configuration.

§frontegg: Option<Authentication>

Frontegg JWT authentication configuration.

§connection_context: ConnectionContext

Configuration for source and sink connections created by the storage layer. This can include configuration for external sources.

§controller: ControllerConfig

Storage and compute controller configuration.

§secrets_controller: Arc<dyn SecretsController>

Secrets controller configuration.

§cloud_resource_controller: Option<Arc<dyn CloudResourceController>>

VpcEndpoint controller configuration.

§enable_persist_txn_tables_cli: Option<bool>

Whether to use the new persist-txn tables implementation or the legacy one.

If specified, this overrides the value stored in Launch Darkly (and mirrored to the catalog stash’s “config” collection).

§catalog_config: CatalogConfig

Catalog configuration.

§timestamp_oracle_url: Option<String>

The PostgreSQL URL for the Postgres-backed timestamp oracle.

§environment_id: EnvironmentId

The cloud ID of this environment.

§availability_zones: Vec<String>

Availability zones in which storage and compute resources may be deployed.

§cluster_replica_sizes: ClusterReplicaSizeMap

A map from size name to resource allocations for cluster replicas.

§default_storage_cluster_size: Option<String>

The size of the cluster to create for a source or sink if no size is given.

§bootstrap_default_cluster_replica_size: String

The size of the default cluster replica if bootstrapping.

§bootstrap_builtin_cluster_replica_size: String

The size of the builtin cluster replicas if bootstrapping.

§system_parameter_defaults: BTreeMap<String, String>

Values to set for system parameters, if those system parameters have not already been set by the system user.

§storage_usage_collection_interval: Duration

The interval at which to collect storage usage information.

§storage_usage_retention_period: Option<Duration>

How long to retain storage usage records for.

§segment_api_key: Option<String>

An API key for Segment. Enables export of audit events to Segment.

§egress_ips: Vec<Ipv4Addr>

IP Addresses which will be used for egress.

§aws_account_id: Option<String>

12-digit AWS account id, which will be used to generate an AWS Principal.

§aws_privatelink_availability_zones: Option<Vec<String>>

Supported AWS PrivateLink availability zone ids.

§launchdarkly_sdk_key: Option<String>

An SDK key for LaunchDarkly. Enables system parameter synchronization with LaunchDarkly.

§config_sync_loop_interval: Option<Duration>

The interval in seconds at which to synchronize system parameter values.

§launchdarkly_key_map: BTreeMap<String, String>

An invertible map from system parameter names to LaunchDarkly feature keys to use when propagating values from the latter to the former.

§bootstrap_role: Option<String>

What role, if any, should be initially created with elevated privileges.

§deploy_generation: Option<u64>

Generation we want deployed. Generally only present when doing a production deploy.

§http_host_name: Option<String>

Host name or URL for connecting to the HTTP server of this instance.

§internal_console_redirect_url: Option<String>

URL of the Web Console to proxy from the /internal-console endpoint on the InternalHTTPServer

§metrics_registry: MetricsRegistry

The metrics registry to use.

§tracing_handle: TracingHandle

Handle to tracing.

§now: NowFn

A now generation function for mocking time.

Trait Implementations§


impl Clone for Config


fn clone(&self) -> Config

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1.0.0 · source§

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

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impl Debug for Config


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impl !RefUnwindSafe for Config


impl Send for Config


impl Sync for Config


impl Unpin for Config


impl !UnwindSafe for Config

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