pub trait CastFrom<T> {
    fn cast_from(from: T) -> Self;
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A trait for safe, simple, and infallible casts.

CastFrom is like std::convert::From, but it is implemented for some platform-specific casts that are missing from the standard library. For example, there is no From<u32> for usize implementation, because Rust may someday support platforms where usize is smaller than 32 bits. Since we don’t care about such platforms, we are happy to provide a CastFrom<u32> for usize implementation.

CastFrom should be preferred to the as operator, since the as operator will silently truncate if the target type is smaller than the source type. When applicable, CastFrom should also be preferred to the std::convert::TryFrom trait, as TryFrom will produce a runtime error, while CastFrom will produce a compile-time error.

Required Methods

Performs the cast.

Implementations on Foreign Types