fn array_create_multidim<'a>(
    datums: &[Datum<'a>],
    temp_storage: &'a RowArena
) -> Result<Datum<'a>, EvalError>
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Constructs a new multidimensional array out of an arbitrary number of lower-dimensional arrays.

For example, if given three 1D arrays of length 2, this function will construct a 2D array with dimensions 3x2.

The input datums in datums must all be arrays of the same dimensions. (The arrays must also be of the same element type, but that is checked by the SQL type system, rather than checked here at runtime.)

If all input arrays are zero-dimensional arrays, then the output is a zero- dimensional array. Otherwise the lower bound of the additional dimension is one and the length of the new dimension is equal to datums.len().