Module timely::dataflow::operators::core

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Extension traits for StreamCore implementing various operators that are independent of specific container types.



  • Operators to capture and replay timely dataflow streams.
  • Merges the contents of multiple streams.
  • Extension traits to move a Stream between an outer Scope and inner Scope.
  • Exchange records between workers.
  • Create cycles in a timely dataflow graph.
  • Filters a stream by a predicate.
  • Create new Streams connected to external inputs.
  • Extension trait and implementation for observing and action on streamed data.
  • Extension methods for StreamCore based on record-by-record transformation.
  • Operators that separate one stream into two streams based on some condition
  • Monitor progress at a Stream.
  • Shared containers
  • Extension methods for Stream based on record-by-record transformation.
  • Conversion to the StreamCore type from iterators.
  • Create new StreamCores connected to external inputs.