Trait timely::dataflow::operators::core::feedback::ConnectLoop

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pub trait ConnectLoop<G: Scope, C: Container> {
    // Required method
    fn connect_loop(&self, handle: Handle<G, C>);
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Connect a Stream to the input of a loop variable.

Required Methods§


fn connect_loop(&self, handle: Handle<G, C>)

Connect a Stream to be the input of a loop variable.

use timely::dataflow::Scope;
use timely::dataflow::operators::{Feedback, ConnectLoop, ToStream, Concat, Inspect, BranchWhen};

timely::example(|scope| {
    // circulate 0..10 for 100 iterations.
    let (handle, cycle) =;
           .inspect(|x| println!("seen: {:?}", x))
           .branch_when(|t| t < &100).1



impl<G: Scope, C: Container> ConnectLoop<G, C> for StreamCore<G, C>