Trait timely::dataflow::operators::core::capture::event::EventIterator

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pub trait EventIterator<T, C> {
    // Required method
    fn next(&mut self) -> Option<&Event<T, C>>;
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Iterates over contained Event<T, C>.

The EventIterator trait describes types that can iterate over references to events, and which can be used to replay a stream into a new timely dataflow computation.

This method is not simply an iterator because of the lifetime in the result.

Required Methods§


fn next(&mut self) -> Option<&Event<T, C>>

Iterates over references to Event<T, C> elements.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl<T, C> EventIterator<T, C> for Rc<EventLink<T, C>>


fn next(&mut self) -> Option<&Event<T, C>>



impl<T: Abomonation, C: Abomonation, R: Read> EventIterator<T, C> for EventReader<T, C, R>