Materialize documentation

This is the home of Materialize's internal API documentation.

Important crates

cargo_gazelleBUILD file generator for Bazel projects.
mzThe Materialize command-line interface (CLI).
mz_adapterMaterialize's adapter layer.
mz_adapter_typesTypes for Materialize's adapter layer.
mz_allocChooses a global memory allocator based on Cargo features.
mz_alloc_defaultActivates the best default global memory allocator for the platform.
mz_arrow_utilArrow / Parquet utility library.
mz_audit_logAudit log data structures.
mz_avroLibrary for working with Apache Avro in Rust
mz_aws_utilAWS utilities.
mz_balancerdBalancer service.
mz_build_infoMetadata about a Materialize build.
mz_build_toolsProvides access to tools required in build scripts.
mz_catalogMaterialize's catalog layer.
mz_ccsrConfluent-compatible schema registry API client.
mz_cloud_apiAPI interfaces to Cloud.
mz_cloud_resourcesController for cloud resources.
mz_clusterTools for storage and compute.
mz_cluster_clientThe public API for both compute and storage.
mz_computeMaterialize's compute layer.
mz_compute_clientThe public API for the compute layer.
mz_compute_typesShared types for the `mz-compute*` crates
mz_controllerController for unified storage and compute layers.
mz_controller_typesShared types for the `mz-controller` crate
mz_dyncfgDynamically updatable configuration.
mz_dyncfgsA registry of every mz_dyncfg.
mz_environmentdManages a single Materialize environment.
mz_exprThe core expression language for Materialize.
mz_expr_parserUtilities for creating objects in the expr crate for testing
mz_expr_test_utilUtilities for creating objects in the expr crate for testing
mz_fivetran_destinationFivetran destination for Materialize.
mz_frontegg_authAuthentication interfaces to Frontegg.
mz_frontegg_clientClient to interact with Frontegg.
mz_frontegg_mockFrontegg mock server.
mz_http_utilUtilities for running HTTP servers in Materialize.
mz_interchangeTranslations for various data serialization formats.
mz_kafka_utilUtilities for working with Kafka.
mz_lowertestUtilities for testing lower layers of the Materialize stack
mz_lsp_serverThe Materialize Language Server Protocol (LSP) Server implementation.
mz_metabaseAn API client for Metabase.
mz_metricsInternal metrics libraries for Materialize.
mz_mysql_utilMySQL utility library.
mz_npmA lightweight JavaScript package manager, like npm.
mz_orchestratorService orchestration.
mz_orchestrator_kubernetesService orchestration via Kubernetes.
mz_orchestrator_processService orchestration via local processes for development.
mz_orchestrator_tracingService orchestration for tracing-aware services.
mz_oreInternal utility libraries for Materialize.
mz_persistAbstraction for Materialize dataplane persistence.
mz_persist_clientClient for Materialize pTVC durability system
mz_persist_typesTypes for the persist crate.
mz_pgcopyEncoding/decoding of PostgreSQL COPY formats.
mz_pgreprRepresentation of and serialization for PostgreSQL data types.
mz_pgrepr_constsConstant definitions for representation of and serialization for PostgreSQL data types.
mz_pgtestPostgres wire protocol test framework.
mz_pgtzPostgreSQL-compatible timezone handling.
mz_pgwireA server for the PostgreSQL wire protocol.
mz_pgwire_commonCommon logic for the PostgreSQL wire protocol.
mz_postgres_clientA Postgres client that uses deadpool as a connection pool.
mz_postgres_utilPostgreSQL utility library.
mz_procUtility for introspecting the running process.
mz_profCPU and memory profiling tools.
mz_prof_httpRoute HTTP requests to various profiling functions
mz_protoProtocol buffer libraries for Materialize.
mz_regexpRegexp utils.
mz_reprThe core data types for Materialize.
mz_repr_test_utilUtilities for creating objects in the repr crate for testing
mz_rocksdbA wrapper for RocksDB.
mz_rocksdb_typesShared types for the `mz-rocksdb` crate
mz_secretsSecrets Controller
mz_segmentSegment library for Rust.
mz_server_coreCore functions for serving.
mz_serviceCommon code for services orchestrated by environmentd.
mz_sqlSQL–dataflow translation.
mz_sql_lexerThe lexer for Materialize's SQL dialect.
mz_sql_parserThe parser for Materialize's SQL dialect.
mz_sql_prettyThe pretty printer for Materialize's SQL dialect.
mz_sqllogictestA driver for sqllogictest, a SQL correctness testing framework.
mz_ssh_utilSSH utility library.
mz_storageMaterialize's storage layer.
mz_storage_clientThe public API for the storage layer.
mz_storage_controllerImplementation of the Storage controller API.
mz_storage_operatorsShared Storage dataflow operators
mz_storage_typesShared types for the `mz-storage*` crates
mz_test_utilUtilities for testing Materialize
mz_testdriveIntegration test driver for Materialize.
mz_timely_utilUtilities for working with Timely.
mz_timestamp_oracleMaterialize's Timestamp Oracle.
mz_tls_utilA tiny utility crate for making TLS connectors.
mz_tracingA tracing library for Materialize.
mz_transformTransformations of Materialize expressions.
mz_txn_walAtomic multi-shard mz_persist_client writes
mz_walkaboutAST visitor generation.
workspace_hackworkspace-hack package, managed by hakari