Function mz_ore::tracing::configure

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pub async fn configure<F>(
    config: TracingConfig<F>
) -> Result<(TracingHandle, TracingGuard), Error>
where F: Fn(&Metadata<'_>) -> EventFilter + Send + Sync + 'static,
Available on crate feature tracing_ only.
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Enables application tracing via the tracing and opentelemetry libraries.

The tracing library is configured to emit events as textual log lines to stderr. StderrLogConfig offer a small degree of control over this behavior.

If the opentelemetry parameter is Some, the tracing library is additionally configured to export events to an observability backend, like Jaeger or Honeycomb.

The tokio_console parameter enables integration with the Tokio console. When enabled, tracing events are collected and made available to the Tokio console via a server running on port