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Traits and datastructures representing a collection trace.

A collection trace is a set of updates of the form (key, val, time, diff), which determine the contents of a collection at given times by accumulating updates whose time field is less or equal to the target field.

The Trace trait describes those types and methods that a data structure must implement to be viewed as a collection trace. This trait allows operator implementations to be generic with respect to the type of trace, and allows various data structures to be interpretable as multiple different types of trace.



  • Blanket implementations for reference counted batches.
  • Traits and types for navigating order sequences of update tuples.
  • Descriptions of intervals of partially ordered times.
  • Implementations of Trace and associated traits.
  • Blanket implementations for reference counted batches.
  • Wrappers around trace implementations, providing derived views of updates.


  • An immutable collection of updates.
  • A batch of updates whose contents may be read.
  • Functionality for collecting and batching updates.
  • Functionality for building batches from ordered update sequences.
  • Represents a merge in progress.
  • An append-only collection of (key, val, time, diff) tuples.
  • A trace whose contents may be read.

Type Aliases§

  • A type used to express how much effort a trace should exert even in the absence of updates.