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Logic related to capture and replay of differential collections.

This module defines a protocol for capturing and replaying differential collections to streaming storage that may both duplicate and reorder messages. It records facts about the collection that once true stay true, such as the exact changes data undergo at each time, and the number of distinct updates at each time.

The methods are parameterized by implementors of byte sources and byte sinks. For example implementations of these traits, consult the commented text at the end of this file.


  • A deduplicating, re-ordering iterator.
  • Methods for recording update streams to binary bundles.
  • Methods for recovering update streams from binary bundles.


  • An irrevocable statement about the number of updates at times within an interval.
  • An iterator that yields with a None every so often.


  • A message in the CDC V2 protocol.


  • A simple sink for byte slices.