Function proptest::arbitrary::any_with

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pub fn any_with<A: Arbitrary>(args: ParamsFor<A>) -> StrategyFor<A>
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Generates a Strategy producing Arbitrary values of A with the given configuration arguments passed in args. Unlike arbitrary_with, it should be used for being explicit on what A is. For clarity, this may be a good idea.

Use this version instead of arbitrary_with if you want to be clear which type you want to generate a Strategy for, or if you don’t have an anchoring type for type inference to work with.

If you don’t want to specify any arguments and instead use the default behavior, you should use any::<A>().


The function can be used as:

use proptest::prelude::*;
use proptest::collection::size_range;

proptest! {
    fn reverse_reverse_is_identity
        (ref vec in any_with::<Vec<u32>>(size_range(1000).lift()))
        let vec2 = vec.iter().cloned().rev().rev().collect::<Vec<u32>>();
        prop_assert_eq!(vec, &vec2);

fn main() {