Function proptest::arbitrary::arbitrary_with

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pub fn arbitrary_with<A, S, P>(args: P) -> S
where P: Default, S: Strategy<Value = A>, A: Arbitrary<Strategy = S, Parameters = P>,
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Generates a Strategy producing Arbitrary values of A with the given configuration arguments passed in args. Works better with type inference than any_with::<A>(args).

With this version, you shouldn’t need to specify any of the (many) type parameters explicitly. This can have a positive effect on type inference. However, if you want specify A, you should use any_with::<A>(args) instead.

For clarity, it is often a good idea to specify the type generated, and so using any_with::<A>(args) can be a good idea.

If you don’t want to specify any arguments and instead use the default behavior, you should use arbitrary().


The function can be used as:

extern crate proptest;
use proptest::arbitrary::{arbitrary_with, StrategyFor};
use proptest::collection::size_range;

fn gen_vec_10_u32() -> StrategyFor<Vec<u32>> {