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See if there are predicates of the form <expr>=literal that can be sped up using an index. More specifically, look for an MFP on top of a Get, where the MFP has an appropriate filter, and the Get has a matching index. Convert these to IndexedFilter joins, which is a semi-join with a constant collection.

E.g.: Logically, we go from something like SELECT f1, f2, f3 FROM t WHERE t.f1 = lit1 AND t.f2 = lit2 to SELECT f1, f2, f3 FROM t, (SELECT * FROM (VALUES (lit1, lit2))) as filter_list WHERE t.f1 = filter_list.column1 AND t.f2 = filter_list.column2


Convert literal constraints into IndexedFilter joins.




The above preparation might make the MFP more complicated, so we’ll later want to either undo the preparation transformations or get back to orig_mfp.