Module mz_repr::row

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encoding 🔒
A permanent storage encoding for rows.
Nested message and enum types in ProtoDatum.


try 🔒
try 🔒


A sequence of Datums
A mapping from string keys to Datums
Represents a single Datum, appropriate to be nested inside other Datums.
See [dec::to_packed_bcd] and for more information on this format.
A packed representation for Datums.
RowArena is used to hold on to temporary Rows for functions like eval that need to create complex Datums but don’t have a Row to put them in yet.
Packs datums into a Row.
A wrapper around a byte slice that guarantees the data are row-formatted.
__Visitor 🔒




Number of bytes required by a list of datums. This computes the size that would be required if the given datums were packed into a list.
Number of bytes required by the datum.
Number of bytes required by a sequence of datums.
push_date 🔒
push_datum 🔒
push_time 🔒
read_byte 🔒
read_date 🔒
read_datum 🔒
Read a datum starting at byte offset.
Read a data whose length is encoded in the row before its contents.
read_time 🔒
Read a byte slice starting at byte offset.
Return the number of bytes these Datums would use if packed as a Row.