fn fill_pdt_interval_sql(
    actual: &mut VecDeque<TimeStrToken>,
    leading_field: DateTimeField,
    pdt: &mut ParsedDateTime
) -> Result<(), String>
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Fills a ParsedDateTime’s fields when encountering SQL standard-style interval parts, e.g. 1-2 for Y-M 4:5:6.7 for H:M:S.NS.

Note that:

  • SQL-standard style groups ({Y-M}{D}{H:M:S.NS}) require that no fields in the group have been modified, and do not allow any fields to be modified afterward.
  • Single digits, e.g. 3 in 3 4:5:6.7 could be parsed as SQL standard tokens, but end up being parsed as PostgreSQL-style tokens because of their greater expressivity, in that they allow fractions, and otherwise-equivalence.