Macro mz_ore::halt

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macro_rules! halt {
    ($($arg:expr),* $(,)?) => { ... };
Available on crate feature tracing_ only.
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Halts the process.

halt forwards the provided arguments to the tracing::warn macro, then terminates the process with exit code 2.

Halting a process is a middle ground between a graceful shutdown and a panic. Use halts for errors that are severe enough to require shutting down the process, but not severe enough to be considered a crash. Halts are not intended to be reported to error tracking tools (e.g., Sentry).

There are two common classes of errors that trigger a halt:

  • An error that indicates a new process has taken over (e.g., an error indicating that the process’s leader epoch has expired).

  • A retriable error where granular retry logic would be tricky enough to write that it has not yet been worth it. Since restarting from a fresh process must always be correct, forcing a restart is an easy way to tap into the existing whole-process retry logic. Use halt judiciously in these cases, as restarting a process can be inefficient (e.g., mandatory restart backoff, rehydrating expensive state).