Trait timely::logging::ProgressEventTimestamp

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pub trait ProgressEventTimestamp: Debug + Any {
    // Required methods
    fn as_any(&self) -> &dyn Any;
    fn type_name(&self) -> &'static str;
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Encapsulates Any and Debug for dynamically typed timestamps in logs

Required Methods§


fn as_any(&self) -> &dyn Any

Upcasts this ProgressEventTimestamp to Any.

NOTE: This is required until is fixed

let ts = vec![(0usize, 0usize, (23u64, 10u64), -4i64), (0usize, 0usize, (23u64, 11u64), 1i64)];
let ts: &timely::logging::ProgressEventTimestampVec = &ts;
for (n, p, t, d) in ts.iter() {
    print!("{:?}, ", (n, p, t.as_any().downcast_ref::<(u64, u64)>(), d));

fn type_name(&self) -> &'static str

Returns the name of the concrete type of this object.


This is intended for diagnostic use. The exact contents and format of the string returned are not specified, other than being a best-effort description of the type. For example, amongst the strings that type_name::<Option<String>>() might return are "Option<String>" and "std::option::Option<std::string::String>".