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Durable metadata storage.




  • An AppendBatch describes a set of changes to append to a stash collection.
  • Stash factory to use for tests that uses a random schema for a stash, which is re-used on all stash openings. The schema is dropped when this factory is dropped.
  • A Stash whose data is stored in a Postgres-compatible database. The format of the tables are not specified and should not be relied upon. The only promise is stability. Any changes to the table schemas will be accompanied by a clear migration path.
  • StashCollection is like a differential dataflow Collection, but the state of the collection is durable.
  • Factory type used to open new one or more Stash.
  • A helper struct to prevent mistyping of a StashCollection’s name and k,v types.


  • The limit AFTER which to split an update batch (that is, we will ship an update that exceeds this number, but then start another batch).


  • A common trait for uses of K and V to express in a single place all of the traits required by async_trait and StashCollection.

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