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A pure Rust protobuf compiler.

This crates provides a compiler for [Protocol Buffers] (“protobuf”), Google’s data interchange format. It generates Rust code to serialize and deserialize protobufs given message schemas defined in a .proto file.

protoc is written entirely in Rust. In other words, it does not depend on libprotobuf and does not require Google’s protoc binary to be installed on the system.

This crate delegates all of the hard work to the protobuf_codegen crate. The primary motivation is to provide a more stable and ergonomic API that is geared towards usage in build scripts. This insulates downstream crates from changes in protobuf_codegen’s API and avoids duplicative boilerplate in their build scripts. This crate also works around several bugs in protobuf_codegen by patching the generated code, but the hope is to upstream these bugfixes over time.


A builder for a protobuf compilation.