Function differential_dataflow::capture::source::build

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pub fn build<G, B, I, D, T, R>(
    scope: G,
    source_builder: B
) -> (Box<dyn Any + Send + Sync>, Stream<G, (D, T, R)>)
where G: Scope<Timestamp = T>, B: FnOnce(SyncActivator) -> I, I: Iterator<Item = Message<D, T, R>> + 'static, D: ExchangeData + Hash, T: ExchangeData + Hash + Timestamp + Lattice, R: ExchangeData + Hash,
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Constructs a stream of updates from a source of messages.

The stream is built in the supplied scope and continues to run until the returned Box<Any> token is dropped. The source_builder argument is invoked with a SyncActivator that will re-activate the source.