Trait tracing_core::Callsite

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pub trait Callsite: Sync {
    // Required methods
    fn set_interest(&self, interest: Interest);
    fn metadata(&self) -> &Metadata<'_>;
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Trait implemented by callsites.

These functions are only intended to be called by the callsite registry, which correctly handles determining the common interest between all subscribers.

See the module-level documentation for details on callsites.

Required Methods§


fn set_interest(&self, interest: Interest)

Sets the Interest for this callsite.

See the documentation on callsite interest caching for details.


fn metadata(&self) -> &Metadata<'_>

Returns the metadata associated with the callsite.

Note: Implementations of this method should not produce Metadata that share the same callsite Identifier but otherwise differ in any way (e.g., have different names).