Module rdkafka::config

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Producer and consumer configuration.

§C library configuration

The Rust library will forward all the configuration to the C library. The most frequently used parameters are listed here.

§Frequently used parameters

For producer-specific and consumer-specific parameters check the producer and consumer modules documentation. The full list of available parameters is available in the librdkafka documentation.

  • Client identifier. Default: rdkafka.
  • bootstrap.servers: Initial list of brokers as a CSV list of broker host or host:port. Default: empty.
  • message.max.bytes: Maximum message size. Default: 1000000.
  • debug: A comma-separated list of debug contexts to enable. Use ‘all’ to print all the debugging information. Default: empty (off).
  • how often the statistic callback specified in the ClientContext will be called. Default: 0 (disabled).