Trait proptest::test_runner::ResultCache

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pub trait ResultCache {
    // Required methods
    fn key(&self, key: &ResultCacheKey<'_>) -> u64;
    fn put(&mut self, key: u64, result: &TestCaseResult);
    fn get(&self, key: u64) -> Option<&TestCaseResult>;
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An object which can cache the outcomes of tests.

Required Methods§


fn key(&self, key: &ResultCacheKey<'_>) -> u64

Convert the given cache key into a u64 representing that value. The u64 is used as the key below.

This is a separate step so that ownership of the key value can be handed off to user code without needing to be able to clone it.


fn put(&mut self, key: u64, result: &TestCaseResult)

Save result as the outcome associated with the test input in key.

result is passed as a reference so that the decision to clone depends on whether the cache actually plans on storing it.


fn get(&self, key: u64) -> Option<&TestCaseResult>

If put() has been called with a semantically equivalent key, return the saved result. Otherwise, return None.