Function mz_storage_operators::s3_oneshot_sink::copy_to

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pub fn copy_to<G, F>(
    input_collection: Collection<G, ((Row, u64), ()), Diff>,
    err_stream: Stream<G, (((DataflowError, u64), ()), G::Timestamp, Diff)>,
    up_to: Antichain<G::Timestamp>,
    connection_details: S3UploadInfo,
    connection_context: ConnectionContext,
    aws_connection: AwsConnection,
    sink_id: GlobalId,
    connection_id: GlobalId,
    params: CopyToParameters,
    worker_callback: F
where G: Scope<Timestamp = Timestamp>, F: FnOnce(Result<u64, String>) + 'static,
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Copy the rows from the input collection to s3. worker_callback is used to send the final count of rows uploaded to s3, or an error message if the operator failed. This is per-worker, and these responses are aggregated upstream by the compute client. sink_id is used to identify the sink for logging purposes and as a unique prefix for files created by the sink.

This renders 3 operators used to coordinate the upload:

  • initialization: confirms the S3 path is empty and writes any sentinel files
  • upload: uploads data to S3
  • completion: removes the sentinel file and calls the worker_callback