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A controller that provides an interface to the storage layer.

The storage controller curates the creation of sources, the progress of readers through these collections, and their eventual dropping and resource reclamation.

The storage controller can be viewed as a partial map from GlobalId to collection. It is an error to use an identifier before it has been “created” with create_source(). Once created, the controller holds a read capability for each source, which is manipulated with update_read_capabilities(). Eventually, the source is dropped with either drop_sources() or by allowing compaction to the empty frontier.


  • A tokio task (and support machinery) for maintaining storage-managed collections.
  • Tracks persist shards ready to be finalized, i.e. remove the ability to read or write them. This identifies shards we no longer use, but did not have the opportunity to finalize before e.g. crashing.
  • A tokio tasks (and support machinery) for dealing with the persist handles that the storage controller needs to hold.
  • Rehydration of storage replicas.
  • statistics 🔒
    A tokio task (and support machinery) for producing storage statistics.