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SQL normalization routines.

Normalization is the process of taking relatively unstructured types from the ast module and converting them to more structured types.


Generates a struct capable of taking a Vec of types commonly used to represent WITH options into useful data types, such as strings.



Normalizes option values that contain AWS connection parameters.

Normalizes an identifier that represents a column name.

Normalizes a CREATE statement.

Ensures that the given set of options are empty, useful for validating that WITH options are all real, used options

Converts an UnresolvedObjectName to a FullObjectName if the UnresolvedObjectName is fully specified. Otherwise returns an error.

Normalizes a single identifier.

Normalizes a single identifier.

Normalizes an operator reference.

Normalizes WITH option keys without normalizing their corresponding values.

Normalizes a list of WITH options.

Unnormalizes an object name.

Normalizes an unresolved object name.

Normalizes an unresolved schema name.