Module mz_persist_client::cfg

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The tunable knobs for persist.



  • The minimum TTL of a connection to Postgres/CRDB before it is proactively terminated. Connections are routinely culled to balance load against the downstream database.
  • The minimum time between TTLing connections to Postgres/CRDB. This delay is used to stagger reconnections to avoid stampedes and high tail latencies. This value should be much less than consensus_connection_pool_ttl so that reconnections are biased towards terminating the oldest connections first. A value of consensus_connection_pool_ttl / consensus_connection_pool_max_size is likely a good place to start so that all connections are rotated when the pool is fully used.
  • The duration to wait for a Consensus Postgres/CRDB connection to be made before retrying.
  • The TCP user timeout for a Consensus Postgres/CRDB connection. Specifies the amount of time that transmitted data may remain unacknowledged before the TCP connection is forcibly closed.
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