fn reduce_list_create_list_index_literal(
    list_create_to_reduce: MirScalarExpr,
    index_exprs: Vec<MirScalarExpr>
) -> MirScalarExpr
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Partial-evaluates a list indexing with a literal directly after a list creation.

Multi-dimensional lists are handled by a single call to this function, with multiple elements in index_exprs (of which not all need to be literals), and nested ListCreates in list_create_to_reduce.


LIST[f1,f2][2] –> f2.

A multi-dimensional list, with only some of the indexes being literals: LIST[[[f1, f2], [f3, f4]], [[f5, f6], [f7, f8]]] [2][n][2] –> LIST[f6, f8] [n]

See more examples in list.slt.