Module http::response

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HTTP response types.

This module contains structs related to HTTP responses, notably the Response type itself as well as a builder to create responses. Typically you’ll import the http::Response type rather than reaching into this module itself.


Creating a Response to return

use http::{Request, Response, StatusCode};

fn respond_to(req: Request<()>) -> http::Result<Response<()>> {
    let mut builder = Response::builder()
        .header("Foo", "Bar")

    if req.headers().contains_key("Another-Header") {
        builder = builder.header("Another-Header", "Ack");


A simple 404 handler

use http::{Request, Response, StatusCode};

fn not_found(_req: Request<()>) -> http::Result<Response<()>> {

Or otherwise inspecting the result of a request:

use http::{Request, Response};

fn get(url: &str) -> http::Result<Response<()>> {
    // ...

let response = get("").unwrap();

if !response.status().is_success() {
    panic!("failed to get a successful response status!");

if let Some(date) = response.headers().get("Date") {
    // we've got a `Date` header!

let body = response.body();
// ...


  • An HTTP response builder
  • Component parts of an HTTP Response
  • Represents an HTTP response