Trait futures_core::stream::FusedStream

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pub trait FusedStream: Stream {
    // Required method
    fn is_terminated(&self) -> bool;
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A stream which tracks whether or not the underlying stream should no longer be polled.

is_terminated will return true if a future should no longer be polled. Usually, this state occurs after poll_next (or try_poll_next) returned Poll::Ready(None). However, is_terminated may also return true if a stream has become inactive and can no longer make progress and should be ignored or dropped rather than being polled again.

Required Methods§


fn is_terminated(&self) -> bool

Returns true if the stream should no longer be polled.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl<F: ?Sized + FusedStream + Unpin> FusedStream for &mut F


impl<P> FusedStream for Pin<P>
where P: DerefMut + Unpin, P::Target: FusedStream,


impl<S: ?Sized + FusedStream + Unpin> FusedStream for Box<S>