pub trait ByNameFieldPlucker<TargetKey, Index> {
    type TargetValue;
    type Remainder;

    // Required method
    fn pluck_by_name(
    ) -> (Field<TargetKey, Self::TargetValue>, Self::Remainder);
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Trait for plucking out a Field from a type by type-level TargetKey.

Required Associated Types§

Required Methods§


fn pluck_by_name(self) -> (Field<TargetKey, Self::TargetValue>, Self::Remainder)

Returns a pair consisting of the value pointed to by the target key and the remainder.



impl<Head, Tail, K, TailIndex> ByNameFieldPlucker<K, There<TailIndex>> for HCons<Head, Tail>where Tail: ByNameFieldPlucker<K, TailIndex>,

Implementation when the pluck target key is in the tail.


type TargetValue = <Tail as ByNameFieldPlucker<K, TailIndex>>::TargetValue


type Remainder = HCons<Head, <Tail as ByNameFieldPlucker<K, TailIndex>>::Remainder>


impl<K, V, Tail> ByNameFieldPlucker<K, Here> for HCons<Field<K, V>, Tail>

Implementation when the pluck target key is in the head.


type TargetValue = V


type Remainder = Tail