pub trait Hashable {
    type Output: Into<u64> + Copy + Ord;

    // Required method
    fn hashed(&self) -> Self::Output;
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Types with a hashed method, producing an unsigned output of some type.

The output type may vary from a u8 up to a u64, allowing types with simple keys to communicate this through their size. Certain algorithms, for example radix sorting, can take advantage of the smaller size.

Required Associated Types§


type Output: Into<u64> + Copy + Ord

The type of the output value.

Required Methods§


fn hashed(&self) -> Self::Output

A well-distributed integer derived from the data.



impl<T: Hash + Hashable> Hashable for HashWrapper<T>


type Output = <T as Hashable>::Output


impl<T: Hash> Hashable for T


type Output = u64