Function serde_json::value::to_raw_value

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pub fn to_raw_value<T>(value: &T) -> Result<Box<RawValue>, Error>
where T: ?Sized + Serialize,
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Convert a T into a boxed RawValue.


// Upstream crate
pub struct Thing {
    foo: String,
    bar: Option<String>,
    extra_data: Box<RawValue>,

// Local crate
use serde::Serialize;
use serde_json::value::{to_raw_value, RawValue};

struct MyExtraData {
    a: u32,
    b: u32,

let my_thing = Thing {
    foo: "FooVal".into(),
    bar: None,
    extra_data: to_raw_value(&MyExtraData { a: 1, b: 2 }).unwrap(),


This conversion can fail if T’s implementation of Serialize decides to fail, or if T contains a map with non-string keys.

use std::collections::BTreeMap;

// The keys in this map are vectors, not strings.
let mut map = BTreeMap::new();
map.insert(vec![32, 64], "x86");

println!("{}", serde_json::value::to_raw_value(&map).unwrap_err());