Function mz_build_id::all_build_ids

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pub unsafe fn all_build_ids() -> Result<BTreeMap<PathBuf, BuildId>, Error>
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Gets the GNU build IDs for all loaded images, including the main program binary as well as all dynamically loaded libraries. Intended to be useful for profilers, who can use the supplied IDs to symbolize stack traces offline.

Uses dl_iterate_phdr to walk the program headers of all images, and iterates over them looking for note segments. Then searches the discovered note segments for a note of type NT_GNU_BUILD_ID (aka “3”) and name “GNU\0”.

SAFETY: This function is written in a hilariously unsafe way: it involves following pointers to random parts of memory, and then assuming that particular structures can be found there. However, it was written by carefully reading man dl_iterate_phdr and man elf, and is thus intended to be relatively safe for callers to use. Assuming I haven’t written any bugs (and that the documentation is correct), the only known safety requirements are:

(1) It must not be called multiple times concurrently, as dl_iterate_phdr is not documented as being thread-safe. (2) The running binary must be in ELF format and running on Linux.