Function differential_dataflow::operators::reduce::reduce_trace

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pub fn reduce_trace<G, T1, T2, V, F, L>(
    trace: &Arranged<G, T1>,
    name: &str,
    from: F,
    logic: L
) -> Arranged<G, TraceAgent<T2>>
where G: Scope<Timestamp = T1::Time>, T1: TraceReader + Clone + 'static, T2: for<'a> Trace<Key<'a> = T1::Key<'a>, Time = T1::Time> + 'static, V: Data, F: Fn(T2::Val<'_>) -> V + 'static, T2::Batch: Batch, T2::Builder: Builder<Input = ((T1::KeyOwned, V), T2::Time, T2::Diff)>, L: FnMut(T1::Key<'_>, &[(T1::Val<'_>, T1::Diff)], &mut Vec<(V, T2::Diff)>, &mut Vec<(V, T2::Diff)>) + 'static,
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A key-wise reduction of values in an input trace.

This method exists to provide reduce functionality without opinions about qualifying trace types.