Function differential_dataflow::lattice::antichain_join_into

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pub fn antichain_join_into<T: Lattice>(
    one: &[T],
    other: &[T],
    upper: &mut Antichain<T>
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Returns the “smallest” minimal antichain “greater or equal” to both inputs.

This method is primarily meant for cases where one cannot use the methods of Antichain’s PartialOrder implementation, such as when one has only references rather than owned antichains.

This function is similar to antichain_join but reuses an existing allocation. The provided antichain is cleared before inserting elements.


let mut join = Antichain::new();
let f1 = &[Product::new(3, 7), Product::new(5, 6)];
let f2 = &[Product::new(4, 6)];
antichain_join_into(f1, f2, &mut join);
assert_eq!(&*join.elements(), &[Product::new(4, 7), Product::new(5, 6)]);