pub fn propagate_at<G, N, L, F, R>(
    edges: &Collection<G, (N, N), R>,
    nodes: &Collection<G, (N, L), R>,
    logic: F
) -> Collection<G, (N, L), R>
where G: Scope, G::Timestamp: Lattice + Ord, N: ExchangeData + Hash, R: ExchangeData + Abelian + Multiply<R, Output = R> + From<i8>, L: ExchangeData, F: Fn(&L) -> u64 + Clone + 'static,
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Propagates labels forward, retaining the minimum label.

This algorithm naively propagates all labels at once, much like standard label propagation. To more carefully control the label propagation, consider propagate_core which supports a method to limit the introduction of labels.