Function tokio::time::advance

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pub async fn advance(duration: Duration)
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Advances time.

Increments the saved Instant::now() value by duration. Subsequent calls to Instant::now() will return the result of the increment.

This function will make the current time jump forward by the given duration in one jump. This means that all sleep calls with a deadline before the new time will immediately complete “at the same time”, and the runtime is free to poll them in any order. Additionally, this method will not wait for the sleep calls it advanced past to complete. If you want to do that, you should instead call sleep and rely on the runtime’s auto-advance feature.

Note that calls to sleep are not guaranteed to complete the first time they are polled after a call to advance. For example, this can happen if the runtime has not yet touched the timer driver after the call to advance. However if they don’t, the runtime will poll the task again shortly.


Panics if time is not frozen or if called from outside of the Tokio runtime.


If the time is paused and there is no work to do, the runtime advances time to the next timer. See pause for more details.