Function tokio::signal::unix::signal

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pub fn signal(kind: SignalKind) -> Result<Signal>
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Creates a new listener which will receive notifications when the current process receives the specified signal kind.

This function will create a new stream which binds to the default reactor. The Signal stream is an infinite stream which will receive notifications whenever a signal is received. More documentation can be found on Signal itself, but to reiterate:

  • Signals may be coalesced beyond what the kernel already does.
  • Once a signal handler is registered with the process the underlying libc signal handler is never unregistered.

A Signal stream can be created for a particular signal number multiple times. When a signal is received then all the associated channels will receive the signal notification.


  • If the lower-level C functions fail for some reason.
  • If the previous initialization of this specific signal failed.
  • If the signal is one of signal_hook::FORBIDDEN


This function panics if there is no current reactor set, or if the rt feature flag is not enabled.