Module mz_testdrive::format::avro

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The values stored in an Avro map.
A struct to enhance the debug output of various Avro types.
Represents any valid Avro schema More information about Avro schemas can be found in the Avro Specification
Main interface for writing Avro Object Container Files.


The compression codec used to compress blocks.
This type is used to simplify enum variant comparison between Schema and types::Value.
Represents any valid Avro value More information about Avro values can be found in the Avro Specification


Any structure implementing the ToAvro trait will be usable from a Writer.


Decode a Value encoded in Avro format given its Schema and anything implementing io::Read to read from.
Decodes an Avro datum from its Confluent-formatted byte representation.
Encode a compatible value (implementing the ToAvro trait) into Avro format, also performing schema validation.