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Types and traits related to the introduction of changing collections into dataflow.




  • Debezium generates records that contain metadata about the upstream database. The structure of this metadata depends on the type of connection used. This struct records the relevant indices in the record, calculated during planning, so that the dataflow operator can unpack the structure and extract the relevant information.
  • Which piece of metadata a column corresponds to
  • Whether and how to include the decoded key of a stream in dataflows
  • SourceEnvelopes describe how to turn a stream of messages from SourceDescs into a differential stream, that is, a stream of (data, time, diff) triples.
  • The meaning of the timestamp number produced by data sources. This type is not concerned with the source of the timestamp (like if the data came from a Debezium consistency topic or a CDCv2 stream), instead only what the timestamp number means.
  • UnplannedSourceEnvelope is a SourceEnvelope missing some information. This information is obtained in UnplannedSourceEnvelope::desc, where UnplannedSourceEnvelope::into_source_envelope creates a full SourceEnvelope





  • Computes the indices of the value’s relation description that appear in the key.