pub fn persist_source_core<G, YFn>(
    scope: &G,
    source_id: GlobalId,
    persist_clients: Arc<PersistClientCache>,
    metadata: CollectionMetadata,
    as_of: Option<Antichain<Timestamp>>,
    until: Antichain<Timestamp>,
    map_filter_project: Option<&mut MfpPlan>,
    flow_control: Option<FlowControl<G>>,
    yield_fn: YFn
) -> (Stream<G, (Result<Row, DataflowError>, Timestamp, Diff)>, Rc<dyn Any>)where
    G: Scope<Timestamp = Timestamp>,
    YFn: Fn(Instant, usize) -> bool + 'static,
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Creates a new source that reads from a persist shard, distributing the work of reading data to all timely workers.

All times emitted will have been advanced by the given as_of frontier.